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Welcome to my web page. I am a French applied economist who has spent his career in the French administration. On this page you will find some of my works in the field of applied economics, some useful links in that field, and, most of all, the piece of econometric software I have developped, first alone and since 2005 with Emmanuel Michaux, and which I hope can be useful for the community of applied econometricians.

You may find here some of my working papers and publications (unfortunately for those who do not read French, most are written in that language).

Grocer is the econometric toolbox for Scilab, a matrix-oriented software similar to Gauss and Matlab, that I have developed first alone and since 2005 with Emmanuel Michaux.
Like Scilab, it is free and open source.
Grocer contains most standard econometric capabilities and some rare -and useful- ones.
More info and files for download here

Some useful links...

Last updated: 2019/06/01