Grocer: the windows98 (and older Windows O/S) version

The standard installation device dose not work with Windows 98. Here is proposed an installation device that works with Windows 98 and that should also work with older Windows versions. It works also with more recent versions (XP, 2000,...), but is a little bit more complicated than the standard one. Note that this version works only for Scilab versions until the 4.1.2 one. Note that this is the last time that the Windows 98 Grocer version is updated systematically with other Grocer versions. Any needed update can however be made upon request (by an e-mail at

To install grocer with this device, you have to:

1) download the following zip files: and
2) unzip the file in Scilab library (by default under Scilab 4.1 it should be C:\Program Files\scilab-4.1)
3) unzip the file in the root c:/
4) run Scilab
5) read grocer license located in the Scilab library
6) click on yes when the following message appears: "I recognize that installing grocer entails accepting the terms of the license embodieded in file grocer_license.txt on the root c:/. I accept:"
7) that's all folks!

last updated on 2009/05/03